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Dr. S R Ranganathan (09-08-1892: 27-09-1972)

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Contact Info

Contact Info

Ms. E. R. Rumnong
State Central Library
Directorate of Arts and Culture, Government of Meghalaya
State Central Library, IGP Shillong
Phone: 0364-2226473

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Located in the heart of Shillong city, the State .the State Central library of Meghalaya has become one of the attractive spots in the state.With trees standing all around, the serenity of the compound offers a congenial atmosphere for study and relaxation. Its close proximity to state and central Government offices, and situated well within walking distance from many educational institutions, attracts a large number of visitors both young and old from within and outside the state. The Library caters to the need of all categories of readers from different walks of life like students, scholars, researchers, bureaucrats, retired personel, government employees, and children etc. Military personel could also be seen visiting the library off and on. The State Central Library was constructed by the erstwhile government of Assam in the early fifties, with the attainment of statehood of Meghalaya, the Assam government handed over the State Central Library, Shillong to the Meghalaya governme

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