Budget Estimate Forms  - Expenditure

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Grant-01 : Admn. of the State Legislature
Grant-02 : Establishment of the Head of States
Grant-03 : Council of Ministers
Grant-04 : Admn. of Justice
Grant-05 : Admn. of Elections
Grant-06 : Admn. of Land Revenue, Land Ceilings etc.
Grant-07 : Stamps and Registration Department
Grant-08 : Admn. of State Excise
Grant-09 : Admn. & Collection of Sales Tax and other Taxes and Duties etc.
Grant-10 : Admn. of Transport Services
Grant-11 : Admn. of Electricity Acts and Rules, Power Department Services etc.
Grant-12 : Admn. of Small Savings organisation
Grant-13 : Admn. of the Secretariat - General and Economic Services
Grant-14 : Admn. of the Administrative Services
Grant-15 : Treasury and Accounts Administration
Grant-16 : Admn. of Civil Police and Fire Protection Services
Grant-17 : Admn. of Jails
Grant-18 : Stationery and Printing
Grant-19 : Admn. of P.W.D.
Grant-20 : Admn. of Civil Defence and Home Guards
Grant-21 : Admn. of the Education Department
Grant-22 : Admn. of Guest Houses, Government Hostels etc.
Grant-23 : Admn. of Citizenship Act and other Administrative Services
Grant-24 : Admn. of Pension and other Retirement Benefits
Grant-25 : Admn. of State Lotteries
Grant-26 : Admn. of Medical, Public Health and Family Welfare Services
Grant-27 : Admn. of Public Health Engineering
Grant-28 : Admn. of Housing Schemes and Loans and Advances for Housing Schemes
Grant-29 : Admn. of Urban Development
Grant-30 : Admn. of Directorate of Information and Public Relations
Grant-31 : Admn. of Labour Department
Grant-32 : Admn. of Civil Supplies
Grant-34 : Admn. of Welfare of SC, ST & OBC & Social Welfare
Grant-35 : Admn. of Soldiers', Sailors' and Airmen's Board
Grant-36 : Admn. of other Social Services
Grant-37 : Admn. of Exhibition
Grant-38 : Planning Organisation
Grant-39 : Admn. of the Co-operation Department
Grant-41 : Admn. of Economic Advice and Statistics
Grant-42 : Admn. of Weights and Measures
Grant-43 : Admn. of Agriculture and Allied Services
Grant-44 : Admn. of the Execution of Irrigation Schemes
Grant-45 : Admn. of Soil and Water Conservation
Grant-46 : Admn. of Rural Development Programmes
Grant-47 : Admn. of Animal Husbandary and Veterinary Department
Grant-48 : Admn. of Dairy Development
Grant-49 : Admn. of Fisheries
Grant-50 : Admn. of Forests
Grant-51 : Admn. of Community and Rural Development
Grant-52 : Admn. of Industries Department
Grant-53 : Admn. of Handloom and Sericulture Department
Grant-54 : Admn. of Village and Small Scale Industries
Grant-55 : Admn. of Mines and Minerals
Grant-56 : Admn. of Roads and Bridges
Grant-57 : Admn. of Tourist organisation
Grant-60 : Admn. of Advances to Government Servants

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